Brazilian Coffees – Everything you need to know about Brazilian Coffee

Brazilian Coffees – Everything you need to know about Brazilian Coffee

Just as in exporting green-bean coffee, brazilian coffees, pre-roasted and ground, are recognized for their high quality level.

The products under the label of Cafés do Brasil adhere to a strict Quality System and are analyzed in accredited laboratories and audited by internationally recognized certifying organizations.


High quality, consistency in blending, reliability in supply and ongoing customer care, are features that the Brazilian coffee industry offers its customers around the world.

Minas Gerais – ARABICAS

  • Sul de minas: The coffee are soft and strictly soft, heavy in body with mild acidity
  • Mata de Minas: Coffee planted at lower altitudes produces the interesting Rios taste. Higher grown coffees have a fine cup.
  • Chapada de Minas: Coffees are naturals and pulped naturals are an interesting alternative for large and small growers alike.
  • Cerrado: Cerrado weather conditions are unique to produce excellent Arabica naturals. Cafés do Cerrado naturals have a fine cup, strong body and excellent aroma and sweetness.

São Paulo – ARABICAS

Mogiana – Soft and strictly soft naturals coffees have strong body and aroma and excel in natural sweetness.

Centro-Oeste: Central and western São Paulo type coffees are pulped naturals, with a strictly soft cup, sweetness and medium to low acidity.


Montanhas do Espírito Santo: Espírito Santo Mountain Coffee, offer a wide variety of tastes: from the finest pulped naturals and naturals,which exhibit a specialty quality soft cup, to the interesting Rios coffees.


Paraná naturals cup profile varies from hard to soft. The original body improves cup taste and consistancy.


Planalto da Bahia: Washed coffees from central Bahia are well known internationally for their soft to strictly soft cup, low acidity and medium body.

Cerrado da Bahia: Known as Cafés do Novoeste, have a good cup with an interesting balance between body and sweetness.